Why Systemic Innovation has become so important to organisations and companies?

We live in a changing world which is not as predictable as it used to be. We no longer have the same control over the market or with our stakeholders and the ecosystem which our companies are part of is constantly changing. How can we best face this?

While yesterday companies and their leaders were looking for continuous growth in a world that is finite, today it is clearer than ever to what extent this vision no longer applies… At the same time, alternative visions for many companies exist now and a new world is being unveiled. Threat or opportunity?

We are convinced that a sustainable economy capable of satisfying our own needs without encroaching on the opportunities of future generations exists. Still, more than ever we are confronted with our planetary limits and the global impacts of climate change.

At Innov’Blue we are engaged in building a more sustainable economy. To help create such a new economy is more relevant today than ever before and we invite all business leaders to play their part.

Each person is invited understand how to adapt themself and their company to the new reality of unpredictability and transition. Through Systemic Innovation, our goal is to help companies identify opportunities to innovate in this complex environment.

What is it that too often makes the implementation of solutions and innovations slow or low in impact? This question is at the heart of our work and that of our partners. Ours is an invitation to explore and discover, in an open and interdisciplinary way.

We have seen in these times of covid-19, how quickly new solutions can be put into practice in the space of a few months, when the conditions allow it.

Master class « Systemic Innovation »

This master class helps you to innovate and adapt in a complex and continuously changing context.

Who will benefit from the adoption of systemic innovation and how?


You have started your company and have an innovative product/value chain. You know that your success does not depend on today’s trends or solutions, but on what will emerge tomorrow. Neither you nor any company or consultant can tell you today what will happen tomorrow. It will emerge. How do you navigate in these conditions? What choices to make? If you don’t set a 3 year plan, then how do you adapt your strategy over time and how do you manage the changes that occur in the world over time?


To ensure the future of your company and your business, you are asking yourself more and more questions. How can I ensure the continuity of my business? How do I keep it in line with my values and ambitions? Do I keep producing the same thing or do I change my value chain? Complex questions that require careful attention.

Corporations or a large organizations 

You have already applied various tools related to collaboration. Maybe they include Design Thinking, collective intelligence, Agile management, etc. and they have shown interesting results. As trends evolve faster and challenges become more visible (e.g. your company needs to become more sustainable faster), you wonder how to go further. With Innov’Blue you are choosing a partner who knows the conditions and challenges of large organizations and who knows the methods and tools you may have applied in the past.

You accompany organizations generally or in one of the areas mentioned above specifically and you are an expert in your field. You see the increasing complexity of the challenges companies are facing and you are aware that this requires new skills and solutions. You wish to deepen your understanding of a systemic approach, broaden your knowledge and widen your scope of application.

There are many inventions, solutions and tools to accelerate change such as design thinking, agile management or other methods that welcome collective intelligence. This master class will enable you to better choose the right tool for your organisation and will make all the difference in achieving impact and acceptance of changes within your company for more sustainable results.

« No problem can be solved without changing the level of consciousness that created it » – Albert Einstein

A systemic approach

A systemic approach is valuable to us in everything we do.

The starting point may be the interest to change or become more adaptive, drive transformation or increase the learning capabilities of the organisation. 

With a systemic approach we recognise how behavioural change at the individual level impacts the organization. Changing behavior involves changing the way we think and act. It is a profound process, which requires redefining objectives and allows enriching openings towards the unknown.

We accompany our clients through constructive and transparent collaboration based on factual elements. Since the way we work is based on deep systemic and ethical thinking, everything you generate with us takes into account interdependence and interrelation.