You are leader of an SME and you seek to revisit your value chain and identify new opportunities. You aim to become more competitive with the resources you have. Our services could look as follows:

  1. We kick off with a systemic diagnostic, fully visiting your physical and social eco-system.
      • Goals: Identify a diverse list of projects, new ones and those previously detected, and their possible relations.


  2. This goes hand-in-hand with the organisation of one or a series of workshops with participation of a rich selection of stakeholders.
      • Goals: Generate a new dynamic among those participants who are directly and indirectly involved. Unexpected solutions are bound to emerge or the engagement of newly interested parties.


  3. Based on the outcome of these initiatives, we offer support in your decision making processes.
      • Goals: Prepared through a collaborative process, propose a selection of projects, who could drive them and most of all, the interrelation among all that is presented. We consider a variety of possible business models and an adapted financing strategies.


  4. Depending on your needs and choices, you may require the preparation of a business plan.
      • Goals: (Co-)Prepare an effective document, adapted to the reader and the chosen financing strategy.


  5. This process has exposed your team and other stakeholders to new concepts and possibilities. We can offer conference and bespoke training on ‘systemic design’ and ‘blue economy’ to stakeholders and other interested people in the region or people who are somehow related to the eco-system in question.
      • Goals: To empower a larger number of people who are either directly or indirectly related, hereby enhancing the success-rate of your ambitions.


  6. All the best conditions are in place to realise your plans. Now is the trickiest part. We offer support in project execution to ensure your success in achieving your goal.
      • Goals: To see the realisation of your goals for your business and toward those you work and engage with, the approach (and attitude) or each actor is as important as the method selected. We will focus as much on the process as on the objective. Through our expertise and knowledge of science and technology, we offer to support you to maximize your chance of succeeding in the realization of projects in an agile manner.

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Training and conferences include: