Our aim is to work on the emergence of new solutions and achieve beyond what could have been imagined at the start. We believe this is increasingly relevant, as our society and companies face new and more complex challenges.
00 A1 diagnostic

From diagnostics to project propositions

We offer an analysis of your entire ecosystem to identify concrete actions.

  • A systemic approach to diagnostics
    • Our diagnostics is multi-disciplinary and interrelated, covering both organisational and business diagnostics.
      • We will identify all material flows and relations systematically and seek interrelated opportunities.
      • We will scan and identify existing challenges as well as potential future ones, applying our diverse insight and knowledge.
    • A stakeholder analysis will engage with a diverse group of people, and will be strengthened by active listening and empathy.
    • A high level market study, competitive analysis, risk analysis, etc.
    • Identification of a first series of opportunities of technology and innovation, always interconnected through the lens of systemic design.
  • Support in your decision making processes.
    • Project proposal preparation, covering various analyses, feasibility study, market study 2.0, budget and timeline estimation, agile management, etc.
00 A2 businessplan

Business Plan

We provide support in Business Plan preparation.

  • New solutions require Business plans beyond the standards
    • Where required we apply the Business Model Canvas approach.
We facilitate the active participation and collective contribution of a diversity of stakeholders to provoke the emergence of new ideas and solutions, to generate new value.
00 B1 ateliers

Participatory and creativity workshops, personalised coaching

  • Active and collective participation of a variety of stakeholders is increasingly relevant. Why? Because a divers group has the highly effective capacity to quickly gain deep understanding of existing challenges and of available resources. Based on the fact that a group is stronger than the sum of its parts.
  • The time to prepare the workshops is integrated in the service and will be carried out in cooperation.
00 B2 formation


  • We have developed training modules on the following topics:
    • Understanding Systemic Design
    • The Blue Economy and Circular Economy
    • Innovation and entrepreneurship

Further information is available upon request

00 B3 conference-debat

Public speaker

  • Speaker, covering one or a mix of the following topics:
    • Understanding Systemic Design
    • The Blue Economy and Circular Economy
    • Innovation and entrepreneurship
Duration : 2 hours. In-house or external

00 C1 accompagnement

Operational project support

  • It is as important to be innovative in finding new solutions as it is in executing them. It is our experience to see creative, change-driven, value-creating ideas emerge. But when it comes to execution, either the conventional method leads to loss of impact-potential, or execution is slow and dies out. Appropriate guidance will help you in reaching new goals.
  • Our ambition is for you to succeed in the realisation of your ambitions or even some of your dreams…!
  • We believe that a team that is empowered to carry out the innovative tasks is key to its success. We provide support in the role of a catalyser, or act as interim-participator of innovation projects. We offer a bespoke process applying our experience with learning organisations, in project management (including agile management and entrepreneurship.
00 C2 businessdev

Business Development

  • Specialized in a variety of technologies and disruptive innovations, we have the expertise to develop or support in the development of new markets for certain innovations.


Strategic analysis, Factory investment strategy (3y), Approved factory CAPEX (13M€), Business Process Mapping, Fit-gap analysis, Competitive analysis, Brand development, Business Model Canvas, Business Model You.

Projet management (CAPEX & marketing), Projects (LEAN et TPM), Supplier relationship and co-development, Operational marketing, CRM implementation, Sales.

Workshops, Training, Conferences, Event organisation, Book editing.

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