Innovation strategies adapted to a changing world


Systemic Innovation offers organizations what it takes to explore and develop alternative innovations to enable us to tackle the future of our businesses and organizations. While this pandemic is forcing us to live our lives differently as it is changing our society, this Master Class is offering businesses the support to adapt to a changing environment and develop a more sustainable future.

This introduction to Systemic Innovation invites the participant to explore these questions in an open-minded and a multidisciplinary manner.


  • Understand systems thinking. Become familiar with this « non linear », nonpredictive phenomenon of emergence and recognize how this is present within our companies and organizations.
  • Consider the potential benefits of innovation for your company and its stakeholders.
  • Identify relations between different disciplines to better identify opportunities.

  • Clarify the key issues, mainly related to our resources and therefore to our planet (and its climatic stability), and explore their consequences and relationships with innovation.
  • Transpose and apply the acquired insights to your company or industrial environment.
  • Awaken your own creativity and open to new fields of possibilities of alternative visions.

fractal systemic


«No problem can be solved without changing the level of consciousness that has engendered it.» – Albert Einstein



  • Before the Master Class: The Master Class begins at the moment of registration. It is accompanied with a video and a self-diagnosis questionnaire, an invitation to the participant to begin to open up to the fields of possibilities.
  • After the Master Class: An opportunity for implementing your action plan identified during the Master Class.
  • The foundations of this Master Class are a combination of Camila AMAYA-CASTRO’s know-how and experience in the areas of manufacturing, innovation, system design, learning organizations, biomimicry and strategy.
  • This Master Class is based on the methods of the learning organization and collective intelligence, with both a collective and personal work, combining a variety of teaching methods: co-creation, creativity, emergence and concretisation, accompanied with concrete and unprecedented business cases.

The participants

This Master Class is developed for senior executive, director, innovation manager, quality manager, HR director or consultant – either in the private or public sector or an association.

Number of participants: minimum 4, maximum 8.

Prerequisites: this Master Class does not require any prerequisites.

The program

A self-diagnosis is proposed in advance, to help situate the participant.

1 / Opening – laying the foundations

  • Clarify the participant’s needs or interests in a systemic way
  • Define the basic concepts such as systemic, complexity and others.

Collective exploration

2 / Understand the notions of complexity, emergence, systemic approach

  • Clarify these notions in historical context.
  • Discover the implications to innovate.
  • Consider alternatives and opportunities.
  • Explore ‘real experience’ case studies.
  • Use creative techniques.

Dialogue, storytelling

3 / Discover the alternative vision – the field of possibilities

  • Explore different possible visions in our organisations and their potential to innovate: what distinction exist with the current dominant vision?
  • Understand the possible implications in the work sphere of the participant.
  • Apply the principles of learning and learning organisations

Visualization, mental models

4 / Getting ‘hands-on’: implementing for real or is it just tales

  • Identify the constraints and opportunities of a business case ‘close to home’.
  • Highlight the possible alternative elements to transform constraints into shared creative challenges.
  • Visualize the attainment of an alternative vision.

Co-creation, shared vision

The Master Class is concluded with the preparation of an action plan, recognising both the professional and the personnal sphere.

Our expertise

Camila AMAYA-CASTRO has designed and conductes this Master Class that feeds on the work of world-renowned experts. Her professional ecosystem includes:

  • Prof. Humberto Maturana – biologist and philosopher, inventor of the concept autopoïesis (with Francisco Varela).
  • Prof. Fritjof Capra – author of «A Systems View of Life»
  • Prof. Peter Senge – author of « The Fifth discipline »
  • Prof. Luigi Bistagnino – leader of « Systemic Design »
  • Prof. Gunter Pauli – creator of « The Blue Economy »


Feedback from participants

“Such encounters generate a great depth of reflection and reasoning…”



Practical Information


Online (Zoom) or in Paris. Offshoring possible.

Online Master Class

  • 3 group sessions for a total duration of 6 hours 
  • A platform for collective and private exchange and Q&A during the period of the Master Class
  • One personal session of 1,5 hours​
  • Main rate : 700€ (before taxes)

Master Class in Paris (Offshoring possible): 

  • One day (7 hour presence)
  • Rate : 700€ (before taxes).



Special offers apply. Contact us.




Inter-company Master Class: This Master Class can be delivered in-house.

Ohter Options: This Master Class can also be followed up by a personal guidance of the participant in his/her realization process. Contact us for more information.