« For my part I really enjoyed our rich exchanges built around the synopsis of Camila! »

Participant’s feedback:

General feedback

« Such encounters generate a great depth of reflection and reasoning … »

« The examples helped understand the whole. »

« Super potential. Major challenge. Great group. Quality presentation. »


What did you learn?

« Especially the concrete examples that prove (Proof of Concept) what I believed in for a long time. »

« Through concrete examples, the need to think differently in order to find solutions respectful to man and the planet.. »


Would you recommend it?

« Yes. It is an essential approach to help prepare the New World. »  

« Yes, I will gladly recommend people to participate because the examples shown are clear and appropriate. The fields covered are broad and interdependent (the transition from the linear approach to the systemic approach, the bibliography, …). »

« There are people who mark our lives, even if only for a moment. And then we’re not the same. Time does not matter but some moments last forever. »