00 C1 accompagnement
  • Operational project support
  • It is as important to be innovative in finding new solutions as it is in executing them. It is our experience to see creative, change-driven, value-creating ideas emerge. But when it comes to execution, either the conventional method leads to loss of impact-potential, or execution is slow and dies out. Appropriate guidance can help reaching a new goal by doing things differently.
  • Our ambition is for you to succeed in the realisation of your ambitions or even some of your dreams…!
  • We believe that a team that is empowered to carry out the innovative tasks is key to its success. We provide support in the role of a catalyser, or act as interim-participator of innovation projects. We offer a bespoke process applying our experience in project management and entrepreneurship of various industries and various disciplines, and options to apply agile management and ongoing stakeholder analysis, amongst others.
00 C2 businessdev
  • Business Development
  • Specialized in a variety of technologies and disruptive innovations, we have the expertise to develop or support in the development of new markets for certain innovations.
  • This includes – amongst others – product development of products made from stone paper and technological support in oyster mushroom cultivation from organic waste (in partnership with Ekofungi and the Mushroom Learning Network).

Realisations :

Projet management CAPEX & marketing; Project charter preparation for large CAPEX project; LEAN et TPM (total productive maintenance) projects; Supplier relationship and co-development; Operational marketing; CRM implementation; Sales; Sales representative network implementation; Event organisation of conferences; Technological support oyster mushroom cultivation; Book editing and commercialisation

(Nestlé, Heineken, Madsap, PWN Paris, blu, Gunter’s Fables).